Jonah's Lullaby

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Title: Jonah’s Lullaby
Item Description: Glass on glass, grouted mosaic in a wooden frame.
Artwork Description: Jonah’s Lullaby (Lyrics by Risto Kimbley)

1. Setting out from the harbour,
Seeing beauty in the shore,
That I wished to see no more.

2. Crew has lost their souls in the deep,
But I’ve gotten on here real cheap,
And the eye of the storm
Stares straight into my head

3. Rain’s coming down hard,
And the clouds aren’t letting go,
The captain is telling me,
Something I gotta know.

4. Toss yourself into the Ocean,
Don’t be controlled by your emotions,
Gotta be swallowed by the sea to see,
What you’ve done for me.

Finished Size: 14″(w) x 26″(h)
Panel Size(s): [email protected]″(w) x 23″(h)
Price: $873 CAD (taxes incl.)
Availability: In-Stock